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2007-10-29 19:21:30 by Kael-Sorrow

So NewGrounds has new userpages and stuff... I knew that for quite some time, but updating mine was a quest so full of... lazyness that I've left it for tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...

With some free time, I got this thing up a little, and plan to make it better in the maybe-not-so-near future. Flash is not my main priority right now...
About my movies... I still got my "Little Samurai 1" document in my PC, and maybe someday I might blow the dust and start animating it again. It looks good, comparing with my later movies. Mystic Creatures was another promissing project that I actually finished, but the movie had over 10MB, so I'm kinda stuck with that... and I want to redo everything, start from a scrap and stuff.

So what am I doing, right? I have two novels I'm really working on. Too bad they are in my native language (Portuguese, BTW). I always find myself thinking in animating some music videos about them, but I lack time and technique.

All this giant text is to say two things:
"I'm not dead"
"I'm not working on Flash"
But you can still visit my Portuguese blog to see my current drawing skills at Flash! XD
And you'll still find me reviewing a movie or two... >_>

See ya, later, then!
- Kael Sorrow


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2007-10-29 22:55:54

Bom ver que vc não abandonou o site cara! To passando aqui pra te mostrar a lista de animadores brasileiros q eu to mantendo na minha userpage, na qual vc está incluído.
Se quiser dar uma olhada, passa lá depois!

Kael-Sorrow responds:

Pois é, ainda estou firme aqui =D
Dei uma olhada e deixei um comentário, valeu mesmo!

See ya in the site ;D
- Kael Sorrow