Entry #2

Mystic Creatures 2.0

2007-12-15 14:44:56 by Kael-Sorrow

So, the undeniable proof that I'm working on Flash is my new eight-paged script for my new Flash movie: Mystic Creatures.
Different from my previous movies, this one has curious characters, nice VAs and all my new Flash animation skills.
This script is the second version. The first one was cancelled due to file size and my late perceiving that the movie lacked something. The humor was silly, after all.
So I'm starting everything from a scratch XD

The main characters models are ready as well, and all is set to start the animation process.
After voice recording, that is. But hopefully, it'll turn alright.

Somehow, I feel excited about being back at Flash animation. It was like a part of me that was missing XD

Anyway, I'm back!
- Kael Sorrow


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